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I hate Sundays.

Argh, sundays! I hate them. Its like, the day for official boredom. If I wasnt Catholic, I'd probably hate it. I always have this feeling like I just want to take a bath and leave the house until Tuesday. Pfft... Oh well. Its Wednesday I'm really gonna love or hate depending on how things play out. I'm going to find out who I'm gonna be stuck with until I graduate! Why couldnt we just keep our original sections? I dont want to mingle with... um... certain people from other sections. I forgot to tell my councilor that I wouldnt want to be put in the same section as this girl I met before who thinks she's so pretty and loves to lie about certain things. Oh well. At least she has a boyfriend now but I kind of feel bad for him. The poor thing.

Anyway, I was just chatting with one of my cute friends from a certain Chinese school for boys when another guy from the same school but from a higher year messaged me and asked me about arranging a soiree with my class. I dont even know my class yet and already he's asking me? You know, I'd really love to have this soiree if, A. all the boys are cute B. if he'll take care of everything and C. I know it'll go perfectly, but I'm just really scared to let it happen. For one thing, I dont like planning parties because of my mortal fear that it will suck. Seriously. What if the guys are all ugly and boring? What if only a few number of girls go? What if somebody gets drunk and its all my fault? What if the school finds out again? That would be just so sad... I need to think this over. Waaah why me?!
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trio memories

Wishful Thinking.

I really wish I was good at sports. And dancing, now that we're on that subject but I can at least move so... yeah. I was talking a Gabby a while ago and she was telling me to try out for varsity since they're looking for players. I'm so tempted! I havent told anybody that I was serious about wanting to be part of varsity coz I dont think I have a chance. Maybe they'd accept me if they lacked players but I wouldnt know how many people are actually trying out so I still have to think. I dont want to try out and hear everyone's name except mine being announced on the PA system... If I do try out, I dont want my friends to know about it. Ugh this sucks... I hate having asthma! I couldve started playing soccer when I was small but no, I had to have nasty asthma attacks whenever the stupid weather changed.

I really want to be a good soccer player... :( *sigh* I wish talent just rained down from the sky. I was born an artist, so why wasnt I born an athlete too?

Argh... But I'm still joining MFS in August and soccer club in school. At least I know I have a chance there. Its not like I'm THAT bad at soccer. I'm ok at defending, actually. Its just that I have problems passing the ball to my teammates after pushing the ball away from the person I marked, but there are times when I can really keep the ball away from our goal...

I'm also still pretty bummed that Mom couldnt get my iPOD mini today. She cant find much time for me in her schedule so I have to wait... Rawr.
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trio memories

Boredom. :P

Yay! chose one of my icons for their pics of the week list! Haha Yes, I have very shallow dreams. :P But really, I worked hard on those icons even if they just fill up a 100 by 100 pixel space. So, yeah. What's a photoshop-er-person going to do in her free time? haha :P Anyway, if you go to the site within the week, you can see my icon there! Haha its the white, green and black one with a golden light texture and of course, my OTP. ;) Hehe

Its a nice birthday present isnt it? Haha Well, sorta. Its more of birthweek, but hey, same banana. Hehe :D Im really glad school didnt start yet so I can go out with my friends. Last time, my birthday was too close to school so we had to go celebrate it on June 30th. Woeh. :P Oooh! But it was opening day for Spider-man 2 so yeah, we caught the movie. Its great. I still love Tobey. ;)

Hmmm.. what else. Oh, my stupid maid stole 1,900+ bucks from me! Not all at once, though. It was like, she stole 900 from my wallet the week of the Ateneo fair and then the 1k from my Lola.. There's also the various 5 peso coins I leave on my desk when I come home from school, my earrings from my grandmother, and my camera with birthday pictures in them. She sold the camera to the fricking pawnshop and we had to PAY for it AGAIN to get it back. She didnt have to pay us, and we send her children to school. What an ungrateful little.... GOLLUM! Argh. We have to send her away. Her ass is so busted!

Pfft... Now, thats out of my system. Hehe Thats pretty much what I can think of today, aside from D texting me yesterday. I just found out, he's also an animal lover... And he has 2 german sheps! Isnt that cute? I had one before, too! Brownie.. haha :) There. Haha Nyah, thats all for now.. Back to YM! :)
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Pumpkin Pie!

Pumpkin Pie! :D Lookin through the one and only comm. i love and found this. Its an essay by Jennifer, vision_gal's friend, about H/Hr. It reminds me of why I love this ship! :)

"Harry and Hermione. How can you not ship them? They have such a deep connection. They communicate without words, argue without hurting, listen without judging, apologize without resenting, and support without expectation. It's almost, by definition, the opposite of siblings, and everything that Ron and Hermione are not. Not only are they growing as "people," but they are growing together. Ron is maturing as well, but away from the other two. His two greatest achievements happened on his own: becoming Prefect and winning the Quidditch Cup. Isn't it interesting that Ron + on his own = personal growth? Even his first real battle (at the DoM) was fought away from Harry and Hermione.

Those that ship R/Hr equate them with the "bickering couple" cliché and think the fighting is cute. I see it as hurtful and destructive. Ron has driven Hermione to tears more times than I can count, and not once have we ever seen him apologize. He comes from a family where the person who says the most hurtful thing wins the fight. This makes his behavior is understandable but hardly worth swooning over.

Hermione treats Ron badly as well. She can't say Voldemorte's name without stuttering, but will call Ron "pathetic" for his fear of it, all in the same breath. She's also constatnly reprimanding his behavior, opinions, and choices. I love Ron and Hermione, but hate who they are with each other. As for the UST: Ron and Hermione are both passionate people, but it's like they are passionate at each other, rather than for each other; and that just isn't the basis for a healthy relationship.

In the meantime, Harry and Hermione have been quietly building a love since First Year. Going along with and encouraging each other. Stroking egos and calming tempers (where R/Hr do exactly the opposite). I won't even go into all the times that they've shared knowing looks and finished each others sentences, or the times that Hermione's voice was his conscience, or the number of times that they've physically turned to each other for comfort or support - there are too many in cannon to list. However, if you tried to make a similar list for R/Hr it be pretty damn short. I can count on one hand the number of times that they have been tender with each other. Most of their interaction involves a lot of shouting and rude behavior.

The love H/Hr have for each other is directly proportional to the level of trust they have between them. While this trust was being built equally among the Trio in the first three books, it became exclusive to H/Hr in GoF, when Ron refused to believe that Harry (who has always hated his celebrity), wasn't an "attention seeking prat." Just as Ron said the most hurtful thing possible to Hermione at the Yule Brawl (accusing her of betraying Harry and not being good enough for someone like Krum), he accused Harry of the most hurtful thing possible; cashing in on his status as the Boy-Who-Lived (a cute little nickname which cost him is parents and any chance at a normal life). While Ron and Harry's friendship recovered, Hermione and Harry have continued, without fail, to have absolute faith in each other. Even when Harry was convinced she was wrong (about Sirius not being held at the DoM), he trusted her motives completely. Whereas the (R/Hr) UST that we hear so much about is all based on mistrust and petty jealousy.

So as Book 6 approaches, we have Ron learing that to be a man, he has to be his own man (Quidditch, the DoM); Harry learing that Hermione will never betray him (the first task) and that her instincts are impeccable (OotP: the Umbridge ruse, Sirius at the DoM, the veil); and Hermione learning that Harry needs her in his life (the Christmas scene at Grimmauld Place; and it's only gonna get worse cuz you know homegirl is gonna flip when she hears the prophacy).

Honestly, who in this world loves Harry like Hermione does? And who in this world is the only person that Harry has always been able to count on? The most important relationship in the books at this point is Harry and Hermione. There is a place for Ron, but it's not with Hermione; because nothing will come between her and her man." - Jennifer.

Ok I dont have any friends yet but if ever somebody mean prances his or her way into my lj and reads this, remember one thing. Respect my opinion. Dont bash my ship and I wont bash yours. Obviously, I am an H/Hr shipper (they belong together!) and I dont intend to change so you might as well leave if you beg to differ. Keep your fingers well away from that keyboard if you have the urge to say something nasty.

And to all the H/Hr shippers out there, keep going guys! Dont let bashers bring you down :) if you wanna friend me too, that'd be nice.. :D hee... *is a pathetic newbie*.
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First Post!

Hey! Welcome to my journal. I'm no good at introductions and I dont really need one so on to the work! I've made several icons. Just a few, as a start. Only the one's I'm real happy with. :D It'll be in my next post.